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Coach Joanne Clark


Joanne Clark  |  Certified Life Coach

No one prepared me for the loneliness. As a new, empty-nest mom, I felt lost. I was drifting aimlessly in life without a purpose. 


Every. Single. Day. 


I had a job and things to do around the house, but none of it was as fulfilling as motherhood had been. At the end of the day, I felt worthless - like I wasn’t contributing in a meaningful way. No one needed “mom” like they had in the past. 


I felt empty. 

I felt unnecessary in my family. 

I felt like I had no purpose. 


Maybe you feel the same way I did. You have so much more to contribute, but you’re not sure what or how.


It wasn’t until someone helped me that I was able to find my new purpose. I now help empty nest moms rediscover purpose and joy in their lives and reconnect with the passion they still have within them. 


Do you want… 

• To feel fulfilled?

• To live your own life for the first time in decades? 

• To actually be excited about starting each new day?

• To have meaningful stories of your own to tell your family and friends?


I can get you moving in the right direction in just 6 weeks! This isn’t a life-long program. I want to help you find your new path quickly, so you don't waste precious years like I did.


Are you my next success story? 


What kind of meaningful, interesting things could you be doing in 6 weeks? I can’t wait to help you discover the next part of your journey!


Contact me today for a free 30-minute discovery session to see if coaching is right for you.

CTA Certified Coach
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Rave Reviews

Hear from other women who rediscovered joy, passion, and purpose!


Jody G.


"Joanne is an excellent listener who hears your story and interprets it in a way to remind you of your passions and strengths.  She is an enthusiastic encourager who coaxes you out into a world you knew was there, however you just needed someone to help you to embrace the possibilities beyond the threshold to see what God might have waiting for you."

Tina's Testimony

Tina S.


"Joanne gave me a life not just by asking the right questions and understanding my situation. She gently came along side me, encouraging and guiding me in the direction that I knew I needed to go but was too scared to do on my own. We were a team, with her being my biggest cheerleader. Give Joanne a chance to explore and open a whole new world for you."

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"There is no greater agony
than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou

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